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I wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing facility and care you provide for Koda. When I was first offered the job in Oneida my first thought was "What am I going to do with Koda?". A lot of my decision was hinged upon him, as you know he is more then "just a dog" to me.

After his visit I was unsure if he was going to be able to be calm enough for daycare, still being in his "puppy stage". He has changed so much. I am so happy with how is socially, how he gets excited when I say "Lets go to doggie daycare" and how he is worn out from all his play when he is there. I cant thank you enough for the service you provide and the care you give Koda!!

Thank you again!!

   -Lena and Koda

"Picky about Doggie Daycare?? Look no further! Club Meadow will erase all your fears and ease your mind while you are working to give your "special friend" the best doggie daycare available. Michael Velapoldi operates a good "dog house". Your dog is well cared for and encouraged to develop healthy play habits.

Michael is the owner and an experienced obedience trainer. He has been in the animal field for over 10 years. He has worked as a veterinary assistant and veterinary technician on Long Island. Michael has spent time learning from many different dog trainers during his time in the Guide Dog field.

Our dog, Charlie Brown, has benefited from Michael's expertise. Recently, Charlie took ill and I was up with him all night. The next day I brought him to daycare, and Michael encouraged me to get Charlie to the vet right away. Michael keptCharlie until I was able to make arrangements with the vet and my workplace. It's good to know you have someone so knowledgable and someone you can trust.

Please give Michael a call. When you pick up your "special friend", he'll be tired, but very, very happy"

-Natalie Brown, Marlie and Nathan King and Charlie too!

"We have 2 dogs that attend Club Meadow Doggy Daycare and we were very pleased when Michael opened his own business. One of our dogs was plagued by social anxiety and a pronounced fear of men. In the time that he has attended daycare these problems have lessened to the point of being non existent. Michael has a special presence with the dogs which is immediately evident when he meets your pet. Other benefits of Club Meadow are the flexibility of scheduling and extended hours- you can bring your dog to Club Meadow and go on your way. At the end of the day when you are tired- your dog is tired. For you and your pet it is a win/win situation".

  -Bill and Virginia P.

"Club Meadow is a wonderful place for my dog Wilson to meet, greet and play with other dogs. He is learning a lot and I feel confident that he is getting excellent care when I need to be at work.

Thanks, Mike, for your dedication and for providing a safe Doggie daycare facility."

 -Susan Koory

"I met Michael when he was working elsewhere as a trainer. I asked him to train my dog Gizmo, and he took him on. Ever since then,Gizmo and Michael have a special bond. I was so glad when Michael opened up Club Meadow. When Gizmo doesn't go to Club Meadow, he seems like he missed part of his day. He comes home happy and tired everytime I take him to the "Club". Michael gets down with the dogs and plays with them. He knows each dog's personality. Thank you Michael, for opening Club Meadow and loving all our dogs.

 -Beth Truman, Gizmo's mom.

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